Finally took Becky to the vet


6 Years
Aug 12, 2013
Beckys leg has an infection due to poor care before we got her. I have to give her antibiotics and pain/anti-inflammatory meds and dress her leg daily with a topically solution. Giving the meds has been a learning experience but finally got that down. Dressing her leg is a challenge even with two people. It has to be done in three layers: impregnated telfa with the topical, rolled gauze then coban. My husband is going to be out of town a couple days so I am on my own. No one to help me so does anyone have an idea how I can manage her to change her dressing? Thanks, NeeCee
When I have changed bandages on my chickens after bumblefoot surgery, I usually get everything out and ready, tape cut to size and ointment on the gauze, then I wrap the chicken in a towel in my lap. With all the supplies right in front of me I find it is fairly easy to keep them still. You also could try covering her head for a short time so she can't see you.
That sounds like it will work well. I DO wrap her to give the meds and she doesn't seem too stressed. I have to wrap her whole leg but I am going to try the wrap with the bad leg sticking out. Thanks Eggsessive, NeeCee
The bandaging did not go well. My friend came over and helped but under the back of her upper leg there was a blood vessel that was close to the telfa that I was removing and of course I hit it. Really thought I was going to have to take her to the vet but with a little pressure it finally stopped. Did get the bandage changed but it was not pretty. I called the vet the next morning and he wanted to see her since we already had an appointment for the following day. He is very please with the way it's healing. I could even see a difference. So that being said, seven extra days of antibiotics, dressing change once a day and when the meds are done he thinks we can stop the dressings and let he try to use the leg...I hope so, she is such a funny funny girl.

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