First Eggs from Black Australorp

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    Jun 16, 2016
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    My Black Australorp 23 weeks and 4 days old laid their first eggs, Buff Orpington 24 weeks and 4 days are now laying eggs.
    The Australorps, each has laid 2 eggs this week and the buff orpington has laid 9 eggs now in 2 weeks.

    2 Top on left and 1 top right are from the Buff Orpington
    the 2 bottom left from 1 Black Australorp, the 2 - 1 center right and 1- bottom right from my other Black Australorp.For a total of
    7 eggs this week, I have been so excited.
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    Thanks for posting this!!!
    I have been looking for pictures of Black Australorp eggs and this was very helpful. We have 6 different breed and our BA is the only one that hasn't laid an egg yet and she is 23 weeks today! I am hoping this week we get something from her. She is a very sweet chicken! :D I don't have to worry yet [​IMG]
  4. MacPara

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    Apr 21, 2017
    Belated Congratulations! One of my 24 week old Australorps also just laid her first egg. Amazingly her sister looks like she's 2 months behind in development. Hormones do funny things....

    20170925_164928.jpg The brown one is the real egg, the white one is a fake, just for comparison.

    Nina, on the right, is the one. Trixie on the left is the same age, but obviously far from laying age.
  5. MacPara

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    Apr 21, 2017
    For the ones that browse these 1st egg threads and are getting impatient.....
    Trixie is now almost 8 months old and is finally developing her comb and showing signs of getting ready for her 1st egg. Her sister Nina is laying for months and she's the same age.


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