First hatch by our hen

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  1. RoosterDon

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    Jul 19, 2014
    Austin Texas

    Mother Elmeretta and new baby. She hatched yesterday. Last night I checked under her and one of the three eggs was broken open. Looking further it was a perfect zipping, but we could not find or hear a chick (it was dark and Elmeretta would not budge). She hopped out this afternoon to get a treat and I heard the chirping. How fun. This was our first successful broody hatch (if that is what you call it).

    I did not know if this was what a hatch along was, but I wanted to post it here.
  2. RoosterDon

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    Jul 19, 2014
    Austin Texas
    We have two chicks that are two weeks old and wonder if we should move the new chick from her mother into the small pen with the other two, both for not being alone and to be 100% sure it will be safe from predators.


    At the same time, we really are interested to see what a mother hen does raising her chick since this is our first. There are two more eggs but in another day or two it they will be beyond their time to hatch.
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    Feb 14, 2014
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    Your broody is doing a great job so far, so why would you take her chick from her when she has done nothing wrong. The new chick may well be less safe with the older chicks as they might pick on it and could even kill it. The broody mother will look after it and show it how to eat and drink and in time, forage and dust bath and integrate with the flock and roost. The most pleasure is to be had from watching a broody mother her chicks. Don't rob her or yourself of that joy.
    Make sure there is food and water within reach of the nest and that the chick can climb back in if it falls out and leave the broody to decide what happens with the other eggs. Most likely she will stick with them for another couple of days and then if they haven't hatched, abandon them and start foraging with her chick. Of course, they may all hatch and then you will have even more joy.

    Good luck with them. I have had over 90% survival rate with my broody reared chicks and of the 2 that I lost, 1 was crushed when a board dropped on it and the other died from an unknown illness. My hens free range with my horses and a feral cat. My first broody had 14 chicks and looked after them exceptionally well and 13 made it to adulthood. Have faith in your broody and enjoy watching nature at work.

    Best wishes

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    X2 Your broody will do a great job raising the chick and even if it is a single chick she raises, it is fine. The worry is when you hatch from an incubator and have a lone chick. Enjoy watching is so much fun!!!!
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    Aug 20, 2014
    I just discovered round worms in my broody hens poop. She hatched her chicks last Thursday so they aren't yet a week old. I'm not sure what is the best way to treat Her. I normally put DE in my flocks food but the broody is eating the chick starter and she doesn't seem to be eating very much at all. Should I put the DE in the chick starter or go right for the Wazine in their water. I don't even know if the wazine is safe for chicks? Has anyone had experience with this? P.S. My broody looks awful and this is my first hatch and hers. Do all Brody's get to lookin raggedy?

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