First time broody (2yr old) NO ROO

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    My RIR hen seems to be broody. This is the first time this has happened to ANY of my hens. She has been in the nest box all day, won't move, pecks at my hands. Doesn't look sick and is making little chirring (motherly) noises. When it got dark enough I checked under her, but I don't think there are any eggs at all. So in the morning, do I just pick her up off the nest, or what? She doesn't like being messed with ONE BIT!!

    I have no rooster, so this is a major inconvenience. I'm anxiously awaiting the first eggs from my 20 week old pullets, and I'm thinking this would seriously put them off using the nests.
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    Try getting a make shift second nest for sure. Keep tossing her off, there are ways to break a broody, maybe cold water method or just throw her off at night so she has to sleep somewhere else. You could give in and get eggs for her, but if not in time she will quit. Some are harder than others to break of this, and often come right back into broody soon. Best of luck, Henz
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    So, last night at dusk, I simply picked her up from the back side of the nest box and placed her on the ground at my feet. She was all puffed up like a ball, and she was sitting on nothing at all. She shook herself, smoothed out, and went to get a drink and some food.

    She was back in there this morning (in a different nest box), but as I had to be gone all day, I left her there. This evening I pulled her out again, and again there were no eggs. I can pull her out as many times as she can go in, but not eating and drinking all day is not good for her.

    I'm not set up to raise more baby chicks right now, so she will have to wait until a). I get a rooster, or b). I get some fertilized eggs. She used to be one of my most reliable layers, and I wish she would just go back to it.

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    But getting fertile eggs is the best way to break a broody.You can't fight nature,know?
    As we speak,my eleven growing babies are safely in thier shells.I dont have broodies i have a bator which is the next best thing,

    If yoy MUSTN'T(is that a word?)let her do what she wants tomyou can put ice cubes under her.
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    Look for the thread I started, How to Break A Broody Hen. It's not too hard with a wire-bottomed cage, less messy or harsh than ice cubes or cold water.
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    unless of course you have a broody like mine was lol

    She was DETERMINED to stay broody...we followed everything we could find for breaking broodies and she apparently never got that memo that they were supposed to work. We literally would think it would finally be working and boom back to broody again. It was almost comical...she was determined!

    She got her way at the end tho lol got her some day olds and she was happy [​IMG]

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