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10 Years
Sep 26, 2009
Hello to All--Yes we are real and have been here for 30 years. We are located in New Mexico and raise ostrich, emus and rheas. We have been marketing on eBay for several years and my user name is lesachick so you can check out my feedback. You can also read more about the birds on my website at www.floeckscountry.com. I have put general information there. There is a lot to raising the ostrich so I suggest you read all you can about them.
I have a small herd of goats with my emus and they all do well together as they have lots of space. My goats can eat the same feed as the emus. That is the main problem with running different species together as they all have access to the same feed so it must be suitable for all who consume it.
I've always been interested in Rheas.
How small of an acrage do they do well on? We own 6 acres - almost ready to move.

I've heard they need to be socialized very young to be around people, or they will be very mean and unpredictable.

Hello: Rheas can be raised in a smaller paddock but they really enjoy plenty of room to run. They really need good fencing to keep stray dogs and coyotes out so that is very important for their protection. They are beautiful birds for exhibit but the chicks are very hard to raise. It is hard to find a good feed anymore that does not contain toxins. The rheas are very hard to find as the farmers are not raising them anymore like they used to. Also the rhea males can be very protective of their hens and nests and must be respected. I have hatched and raised all of my rheas and they are still mean during the mating season. Many of my breeder rheas have died of old age so I do not have a large number anymore. I should have rhea hatching eggs available in the springtime. Thanks, Lesa.
Hi Lesa I have a baby ostrich he is 2mths old. So far he is doing very well. I am grinding up his food. It consists of alalfa pellets, feed corn, turkey grower and calcium carbonate. I also put mineral oil in his water. You are sooo right I can not find any ostrich feed around. Am I doing okay with this? Should I be adding or omitting anything? What about grit? I really want Eddy to be strong and healthy. We care for him dearly any info you have will be most welcome. Thanks Louanne

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