for a town which breed is best?

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we are moving to a small town and we still want to have chickens, but we (I) are not sure of which breed and hatchery, we want to order small and get small birds. but they must be quit. (and NO SILKES! )

okay what are the nono

game breeds

noisy breeds

and mean breeds
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It depends! If you are only going to have hens, than just about any breed is fine. If you want lots of big white eggs, you want white leghorns. Those are the chickens that produce the commercial eggs. They are flighty, not really friendly. There is a breed board on here that shows pics of all the breeds, what they are good for etc. That could help you decide.
try Seramas. Maybe you could have a few hens and they would be pretty quiet especially if you don't get a rooster.
hm, that might work. we want friendly breeds (we have bantam domi and they are not very friendly
) but i would want to be able to hold them from the start so they would get use to me
Seramas are too small eggs like quail hardly lay too. Cold temps a no no!

I would say get some chicks and raise them, my 2 I've raised are very friendly a bantam maran and a Pekin, a frizzle and a aruacana had in a hutch so close contact feeding and treats won them over
My big coop they are not friendly as such. But will come for worms treats once picked up don't protest except lacey

I would say no to silver laced wydot bantam these very noisy announcing eggs and squawk when I go out lol. Could be just her temperament lays egg every day now and she's only one

My Dutch is very tame too

I live in a town I have 9 hens bantams. 2 hutches withs odds in. A hutch of quail. Fun fellows quiet too. And a hutch of calis valley. All pretty quiet

Just squeezed a cockerel in 14wks rarely makes a noise yet I'm working my neighbours upto it but if it don't work out he can go lolol
I have a hatchery buff orp. who is much smaller than my orps from breeders. While not as impressive and fluffy, she is docile, funny, friendly and a good layer. She is still bigger than a banty however. All her sisters are similiar. I split an order with friends and we all have 1 smallish friendly buff orp. hen that lays nicely. We got them from Gabbard Farms.
I have some tiny little Pyncheon bantam hens that are some of my noisiest girls when laying. I think they try to make up for the fact that they're the smallest by being the loudest.

I think the egg song is universal and LOUD!

Believe it or not, my quietest layers were SLW hens-never made a sound.
Hope you find what you're looking for.

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