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    Dear all
    I know Reinhold Bauer and many other breeders. I am a WPA member more than 30 years. Reinhold bought the peacocks from me, what he does with the peacocks is his thing, he is the new owner. But I want that he make a stud book from the birds. We, a special group green peacock and WPA want this birds as gene reserve. Reinhold got from me the best what I had. Through the ongoing habitat loss have the peacocks in nature no chance to survive.
    An import of my peacocks to Germany and from there to America is and was not planned and is not affordable. Also we know now all that the American laws do not allow an import from Thailand to the USA.
    Thank you new 2 pfowl for the link
    To the Royal projekt and Chiang Mai University
    The Royel Projekt is a school for farmer, rice, pig, cows, fish and etc . Of the same area is a small Government Wildlife Breeding Station with the leader Mr Amnuay P. the special group Fokusgruppe Aehrentraeger Pfaue Germany and Iwork with him together.
    Huai Hong Khrei is a breeding substation from two breeding Station in Mae Hong Son – Pan Tong and Ban Mu. In Ban Mu, we have established a breeding facility for green peacocks and paid. Information can be obtained from the WPA Germany. Franz .P , Reinhold B, Wolfgang M, Markus W. and I have donated a lot of money for this project. Each year, here are bred around 20 peacocks and re introduced in suitable habitats. A reporting about the breeding center can be requested from me, but in German writing. Kurt L from WPA USA visit his Center with 20 other WPA members two years ago.
    Research at green peacocks in Thailand will made from the Wildlife Department and from a University in Bangkok, led by Wina M. We exchange same experiences. A lot of information 90 percent I have collected on the ground in Java, Laos ,Vietnam and Cambodia . This costs a lot of money as well as camera lenses, traveling etc. I pay all this out of my own pocket so you all got the photos and info from me for nothing. More than 50,000 accesses show that the page is visited heavily. I think the breeders like this site. But no one has donated a cent this is very sad. For give more info pictures etc from other countries and Thailand we do need money.
    Prani Breeding Center und Pavo muticus are the same lead from my wife Prani and me Friedrich E. But breeding and field research are not the same so we have two websites. I live now more than 4 years together with Prani. Prani and I got the first breeding keeping and selling permit in Northern Thailand for Thai birds, pheasants, jungle fowl and green peacocks. This permit is not easy to get, there are not many breeders in Thailand who have this permit. The state has open three years ago the breeding for private persons but only if they are suitable for this.
    I visit Germany a last in Mai 2011 and I never have bring birds to Germany it is not possible I have closed my bird farm in Germany 5 year ago and so I can get no Import documents from the German government.

    More have and want I not to say.

    excuse my english, I'm German
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    Thanks for the information. I love peas and would have no problem donating to the preservation of pure strains. Do you have a non profit set up to channel donations? Here in the US there are so many scams that we tend to get leary and that hurts the legitimate causes.
    Please excuse my ignorance, but it seems futile to keep replacing (in the wild) populations that have died out due to unsustainability unless something has changed.
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    Did you see Friedrich's (Leo7) website? I think there's more information there about what he does:

    I think that the unpleasantness here may keep him away from BYC, but you can probably contact him directly for more information.

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