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    Jun 1, 2008
    [​IMG] I found a gentle man that runs his own feed mill in campobello and I am very happy with the results since I switched feeds.I had been buying purina foods from tractor supply and the birds were wasting lots of food.I was buying a 50 lb bag two or three times a month for about 15.00.after the switch I am using about 1 50lb bag a month maybe 2 bags at a cost of 10.50 a bag.and the food is not nearly as processed as the purina food . You can tell the different ingredients at a glance.and might I add my birds have gained weight and improved condition on less food.the name of the feed mill is Williams feed.
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    I'll have to check that place out. Thanks!
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    It's out in the sticks and looks like a dairy( he raises cows) so don't drive by it!
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    whats the % of protein ? I live in Blythewood, sc, 15 miles north of columbia.
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    Quote:From the bag of laying mash I have it reads 17%. Fat is 7.50 and fiber is 5%.he can make different mixes. My friend actually found him and they raise quail for game farms. They were going through lots of food before the switch, but now the birds eat less because the are more full and digesting the food better. The quail are like little butter balls, lol. I have been very happy with the condition of my birds too. I had lost feather sheen and condition. Now the birds look incredible.I am going to try his dog food next.
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