Frazzle Chicken??


5 Years
Apr 28, 2014
I bought this chicken about a year ago as a young chick, the person I bought it from said it was a frizzle. As it got bigger I could tell that it didn't have a lot of feathers and the ones it did have were really curly. I had read about frazzles online and I'm pretty sure that is what she is. I also assumed she was a rooster because she had a really red comb early on and the way she stands with her neck real straight up like a rooster. Well about two months ago she went missing and I assumed something ate her since we free range our chickens, well come to find out she was sitting on a clutch of eggs inside of our cat's house outside. She hatched 9 chicks! I thought she was a rooster the whole time, had no idea she was even laying eggs! So my questions are is she a frazzle? Is she abnormally small or does she just look really small due to lacking all of her feathers? Any guesses on what breed she is? She has yellow legs if that helps. Also, her chicks that hatched are all frizzled. The two roosters we have are a silkie and the other is a silkie cross. So will a frazzle's chicks always be frizzled? And one last question, before she went missing and hatched the chicks, she would do this weird thing where she would walk backwards a lot like she was scooting. Do frazzles normally have neurological problems? I haven't seen her do it since she had the chicks. Sorry for all the questions, but thank you in advance!


May 29, 2020
She looks like my rooster, Sunny. I'm pretty sure he's a frazzle. He's been showing neuro issue for a couple months now. Walking backwards etc. Can no longer free range without supervision... It makes me sad. I treated for wry neck hoping it was a nutrition thing, but that didn't help. If I could fix this backwards walking, he could free range again. I just don't know how to though or if it can be fixed.


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