Free Assorted Roosters and Chickens


6 Years
Aug 6, 2013
Kingwood, New Jersey
Assorted Free Roosters

Having hatched out over twenty chicks this summer, I was left with many roosters. All have excellent temperaments and cause no issues with any humans or other farm animal. Aside from the occasional sparing, there is no major infighting between them. They're all free, and range from the ages of two months to a year.

Splash Frizzle Polish Rooster
Blue Kuckoo Polish Rooster
Buff Silkie Rooster
Three Welsummer Roosters
Assorted Olive Egger Roosters (F2 generation)
One Polish/Americana Mix Rooster

All are free, and I'm hoping to find them all excellent homes.
I am located in Kingwood New Jersey. And I want them to find pet/breeding/flock protection homes, I raised them all and they're all very sweet. If you don't mind me asking, why would you want all of them? There is over ten
Too bad, I would love to have the blue cuckoo polish roo... I have 4 polish roosters and they all get along fine and they all have their women and come when called... But I have the Golden laced, buff laced, white polish, white crest black polish. Breeding and pets... Could never get rid of them. Best thing is! They all rescued from the same person.

I live in Ohio thats why I can't... Can you post a picture of them? Even the other roosters? I love seeing other peoples roosters!

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