FREE--Four Barred Plymouth Rock Roosters, 5-weeks old, vaccinated Marek's and Coccidiosis, Albany, N


5 Years
Aug 12, 2014
I would love to give these four (possibly 5?) Barred Rock Cockerels to someone who would like to use them for breeding or protecting their flock rather than the soup pot! Chicks are 5 weeks old today, extremely vigorous and healthy, and vaccinated against Marek's Disease and Coccidiosis. We got a surprise mix of straight-run chicks from McMurray and have a TON of roosters! :( No shipping. Pick-Up Only (one mile off of Exit 22 Thruway, just south of Albany, NY).

Will post pictures if necessary.

I will be posting more free roosters as time progresses...thanks!

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