Freecycle chick.....huge crop.

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    Nov 12, 2007
    I responded to a posting on freecycle, there was a young coulple who almost ran over a chick in the city. They retrieved it from the side of the road and took it home. I'm not sure how long they had it, long enough to run out and buy a parakeet cage for it lol. Anyhow I met them today and brought it home. I can't really tell the age, though it must be several weeks old as it's feathered out on the wings and back. Its crop is HUGE, to the point of being so stretched it has a bald spot. They were caring enough to stop and help it but in the course of our coversation during the pick up they mentioned it loves tater tots, turkey breast and doritos [​IMG] In the little parakeet cage was a small water dish and some type of wild bird feed which contained whole kernels of corn.
    The chick is active, drinking well and totally dug into the medicated chick feed I picked up. Though since examining its crop I pulled out the feed and served up some bread soaked in olive oil in hopes of helping to pass whatever the heck is in there a bit easier.
    Does anyone have any other suggestions? I am planning on seeing how the crop looks in the AM and either more of the bread/ oil or if it's gone down some but the chick starter back in.
    I also feel bad the little thing seems pretty lonely, it cheeps constantly after I leave the laundry room. Even it if it does well it will be quite a while even after the quarantine time before it will be big enough to go into the coop with my girls.
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    Quote:I'd do just as you plan - check out the crop in the morning. In the mean time, I'd feed it nothing at all that isn't easily digested. I wouldn't even feed the bread. I'd do the crumbles and olive oil, give it some organic apple cider vinegar in the water (1 tablespoon per gallon of water is the rate). Since he's feathered out, when this is done, I'd get a little bag of "chick grit" and give that chick-sized grit to him. Poor thing - he's probably all messed up in his digestive tract from that. The yogurt daily will help his bacteria work. You might have to empty that little crop for him to get the crap out so it doesn't spoil in there if it's not pretty close to empty tomorrow.

    You're going to have a Laundry Chicken! don't worry - I had a Laundry Chicken for a while, and a Tub Turkey, and a Vanity Pullet! A whole flock of Dining Room Chicks, and now Porch Bantams. [​IMG]

    By the way, leave the chick starter (after his mornin gcheck up) 24/7 so he doesn't binge again.

    I will be looking to see how this baby does and for your update. /hugs for taking him.

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