French Copper Marans Rooster seems off


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7 Years
Jul 9, 2012
He is just over a year old. Recently, I've noticed that his comb has become dull instead of bright red and his activity level is very low. He just stands in the yard while all the hens and the other rooster are actively foraging. When he moves, it is slowly, like he doesn't really want to. These are the only symptoms of which I am aware. I do not how how much he is eating or drinking. He will move away quickly if we approach him - something he has always done. He doesn't move as quickly as he used to, nor does he go as far to avoid us.

I also noticed the last several days when I have let the chickens out of the coop in the morning, I hear a commotion behind me as I return to the house. Each time, I have turned around to see our other, much larger Barred Rock rooster (also just over a year old, purchased at the same time and raised together), harassing him and chasing him. Yesterday, he chased him into a crate with a hole cut into the side that we had previously used for a nesting box but which now is stored in the chicken run with the opening against the fence (well, within a few inches of the fence).

Could the other rooster picking on him be the cause of his lethargy and his loss of color? Or could his lethargy and loss of color be the reason the other rooster is picking on him? The other rooster has always been the superior of the two. The French Copper Marans has always been a bit of a wimp and a chicken, literally and figuratively.

We have over 3 dozen hens, if that matters.

Trying to get a pic of him with other chickens for comparison.

Somewhat overexposed - his comb isn't THAT washed out.

This photo is a pretty accurate representation of his coloring.

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