French frogs

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by scflock, Nov 9, 2015.

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    yes and I give up!!!! go see what kwhites just asked me in the incubating friends thread!!! [​IMG] now I have to find another one!!!!
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    I like changing mine because I take soooo many pics of my birds. I used to change my computer desktop background all the time too. :)
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  4. Why does that not surprise me? Oh, yeah, I've known you for 6 months :gig
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    He just doesn't want to admit that he IS one!! :lau
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    @scflock can do will do, as much as possible!
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    Me too!!!
    Can't say that word!!!
    Aaww.. .:hugs. I am so sorry.
    Beautiful!!! You said they were springers???? I want one!!!
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    I think that if you go back enough you can find links to Bubbles, the monkey of Michael Jackson! It depend how far you go!!:gig
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  9. Well I guess I'll close out the new day . seeing as how I'm the only member on here . so been out cleaning the incubator getting ready for the next batch tomorrow . I really need eggs . I would give my lunch money for some eggs . I'll trade my DW for eggs . coming unglued here It's bad really really really bad . I got the shakes my vision is blurred . can't control the urge [​IMG] I need eggs got to have a fix now can't stand the thought of an empty Incubator. Omg I 've gone mad mad I tell you. may have to hijack some eggs . I might even hatch ducks I have to go on ebay now can't take it any more . this is bad .where can I get some of those moron eggs . I 'll hatch anything . how about some frog eggs any body got any frog eggs . help me please . somebody smack me . can't stop thinking about eggs . wow I just had the strangest dream dreamed I was on the frog thread begging for eggs isn't that wild . who would do something like that [​IMG] .
  10. Akrnaf2

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    I think, that these drugs may be useful to some friends here !!

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