Frizzles dying - need advice.

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    I have some red cochin frizzle bantams. In the last three days, two have died and one about a week or so prior to that. All three of these were pretty bald, like they were in the middle of a bad moult. The first was very obviously and badly prolapsed and was dispatched. The other two in the last three days were fine when I closed them in at night but by morning were dead and their lower bodies were basically hollowed out.

    I don't know if they are laying prematurely due to their moult and it's causing prolapses which the other birds are going after, or if something else is going on. We have had a problem with rats in the coop, but this seems too coincidental with the prolapse of the first bird and the way they were eaten after death.

    All the other birds in the coop (red cochins not frizzled and silkies) all appear healthy and fully feathered. Any help or advice is totally appreciated. I'm getting fearful of going out to the coop. Two of these were favorites with plenty of personality and attitude. I just don't know if it's a frizzle thing or not and if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks!

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    Heavens, the "hollowed out" part sounds like aliens were there. Other thoughts rats?? I know when my hen prolapsed, her friends helped pull out more of her intestines and I found a 12 inch long piece of her insides in the coop.

    I have no other ideas. Somewhere I read a sticky or post about predators and how they kill... how you know what killed your bird so you can go after the correct killer.

    I'm sorry you lost your fun personality girls. This chicken farming stuff is a lot harder than a few dogs and cats. What problems they have!

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