Frost bite


7 Years
Mar 30, 2012
I have a rooster that I just noticed that was frost bite this winter. I have noticed others and have put vaseline on their combs. This rooster wattles & comb are frostbite. I finally caught him (he is VERY hard to catch) and the wattles are the worst. They are all filled in speckle grey and black crusty skin. The one wattle is the worst! It is really swollen, crusty and heavy & warm. . The other wattle is filled in with the same crusty skin but not swollen and NOT warm..I put antibiotic ointment on him. My husband said I should lance the one waddle since it seems to have infection in it. He is eating and running around like normal. Any suggestion? I really feel bad that I haven't caught this until now!


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10 Years
Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
I wouldn't lance it, but put BluKote or betadine spray on the wattles and comb to help dry them up. The black areas will dry up and eventually fall off. I had a case with a rooster this year, and both cleared up without doing anything on the wattles or the comb.

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