FS: Chicken Ark Coop for PICK UP only - Easton, MA South Boston


10 Years
May 26, 2009
Easton, MA
HANDMADE CHICKEN ARK FOR SALE! Top quality chicken coop for your urban backyard.

Only used a few times. Decided we need something bigger. GREAT for small backyards. Move around your yard for NO CLEAN UP underneath. Chickens lay up top and are put up at night for safety. Pully system with closing door. Latches open on both sides for easy to get at the eggs and feeding underneath. The entire top side comes off for easy cleaning of top.

ALL pressure treated wood for long long use!

Made from the CATAWBA CONVERTICOOP plans: http://www.catawbacoops.com/

PICK UP ONLY! Cash or Check upon pickup. (paypal available, Credit Card, but must be bought before pickup).

PRICE $998 PM me if you are interested in SEEING or buying.

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