Funny thing happened with Sophie and Mc D's drive through....PIC ADDED

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    Hubby and I stopped at Mc D's for some quick lunch. I had Sophie with me, complete with her chicken diaper and Hair barrette (Silkie). [​IMG] The first lady was taken back when she saw her in my lap, but intrigued and started asking questions. [​IMG] The second window, well, she was so terrified that she almost refused to hand us our food! She stood back in horror with the bag near her chest, mind you I was in the passenger seat- far enough away that if this little monster Silkie, with blue chicken diaper and pink hair barrette, tried to pounce across the car to get her, she would have had plenty of time to react, [​IMG] [​IMG] She finally, after showing a bunch of people, and handing our food over like she was feeding a tiger, gave it to us. Some people. I have also had people afraid of baby chicks, and again Sophie at TSC, while in a shopping cart w/ bow & diaper. The lady asked if she'd bite, then tried to pet her like she was a wild animal, he he.

    Here is The Sophie -a-sauras that was so terrifiying
    The orange tinge to her face is spaghetti. LOL



    Maybe she should have worn her rain coat...................... LOL ( She is trying to dust bathe with it on, he he)


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    [​IMG] oh my
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    Next time tell them accidently broke open your amber necklace and there was a bug inside so you took the dna from it and hatched Sophie! Then tell them when she's fully grown she'll be 6 foot tall fuzzy raptor!
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] That is too cute...... I would have loved to seen her little bow in her hair with her diaper on.
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    Yes, I think we need to see a pic of this monster in her diapey and pink barrette to fully understand this story, LOL. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I agree [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] My side hurts!
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    Oh that is the funniest thing...but oh so true...

    I would love to see a pic of show hubby I haven't gone overboard yet [​IMG]
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    My mom has a bird Phobia. There are people out there that are afraid of chickens. Even silkies & midget bantams. I sit with my midg on my lap,my mom Say's"Don't you let that thing come near me" Like it would gouge her eyes out or something. She only weighs a few ounces. As soon as a bird flaps it's wings,Moms gone. It stems from seeing her chickens butchered as a small child.(which were her pets)...She's getting now so she'll sit outside in the yard watching them,as long as I keep my little bantam wyandotte roo away from her. She really scared of him for some reason. [​IMG]
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    Pics are needed to fully appreciate the story, please oblige [​IMG]

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