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    Jan 6, 2015
    So, I live in a relatively rural area and there are chicken coops on many of the properties around us. I only moved here last spring, and took my dog to the local vet for the first time this morning. I asked for a recommendation for a chicken vet. Their recommendation was a vet in the densely populated suburban town I just moved from, an hour away. I almost laughed out loud, since we moved out here partially so we could afford enough land to have chickens. The only people with enough land to legally have chickens where we used to live had either owned their lots for twenty or more years or were wealthy.
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    It isn't all that odd - birds, including poultry, tend to fall in the "exotic" category when it comes to veterinary care - therefor you are more likely to find a vet that will treat them in a suburban area where exotic pets are more common. Most folks who keep flocks for farm purposes do their own doctoring/don't seek veterinary care for their flocks, so rural vets aren't incentivized to go through the additional training in "exotics" to treat birds and poultry.
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    It does seem odd, doesn't it, though? From my research before I got the ducks, I learned that I would need to be able to do much of my own vet-tech kinds of things. I still could use some more training. But I don't want my ducks to have to provide it!!!

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