Garlic bug spraying of property. Safe

Apr 14, 2018
My husband wants the yard sprayed for mosquitoe. It rained here almost every day in
july. The bugs are like dragons. Giant hungry mosquito swarms and horseflies (green head).
He wants to have a professional spray our yard. pro says it’s all organic …garlic.
He states it’s safe ….. dog & chickens will be safe after product dries in 20 Minutes.
any thoughts ?
I hate green heads. They are nasty. Luckily we don't have them here. My DH is from Mass. Good luck...
I have to tell you.....this product was amazing. Was have not had ONE mosquito since. Hardly any houseflies at all!!!!
The bees and butterflies still come....and sadly the green heads too. My chickens and dog are fine....and the Mallard mom and her ducklings that won't leave our yard are safe too .
They use this product in Disney I am told

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