garlic for worms and 2 pet peeves!!

silky ma

12 Years
Sep 14, 2007
I know there are alot of chemical wormers out there so I will put my 2 cents worh in and say why use chemicals when you can do it natuirally?
Here is what I do:
For years I have used roasted garlic with brown rice for 3 days to de worm ,my chickens. Use as needed. They burp garlic but it is natural and works!!!!!
5 cups of brown rice to 8 cups of filtered water, boil in a large pot for 45 mins. While you got this cooking I stuff my garlic roaster (I got thru ) with as many garlic heads as possible. I plug open spaces with individual cloves...I wet the ceramic ring with water, fill the garlic holder bowl with water --just enough water to fill the bottom, add the garlic heads- (remove dirt and loose skins first and dont cut) Make sure the top closes fully and press the button...WALLA done in 24 mins! DO NOT USE OIL!!!!!! it is not necessary--messy and can burn you. When cooled mash garlic and add to 1/2 of the rice. Divide into 3 servings and feed once a day for 3 days.
NOTE: You will have to cook more garlic for the rest of the rice unless you pick up 2 machines like I did. I love my garlic cookers!

Even if you decide to not go this way A BIG PET PEEVE I have is using your over to roast a few garlic bulbs. The garlic roaster
off of is a much more energy efficient way to roast garlic!!! Man I needed to get that off my chest...been bugging me for years!! @nd pet peeve are zesters... a SAFER way to zest is to use ...a ped know the ped egg for removing dead skin off your feet! Does a fantastic job ...easy to hold and control and you can zest...put the top on and refrigerate till used!!!!! And easy to clean...dishwasher safe!
.. thanks for that!!!..

and glad ya got that off of your chest!!!

I'm adamant about doing things naturally!!!.. great idea with the brown rice and garlic.. going to go do that now!


I raise goats and a stubborn donkey and we use Molly's Herbals to worm them.. great product!!.. also can use it on chix, dogs and cats!

If interested look up 'FiasCo Farm' . com ..

do you need to roast the garlic? I just slice a couple cloves a couple times a week and through it in their treat bowel? love the zester idea I may go get one this week
Sounds like someone owns stock in the garlic roaster or the patent for it! Thanks for the info will give it a try next time I have to worm.
I simply throw the garlic cloves on top of my woodstove for 15 minutes. Turns them to butter. Another trick for deworming is the flower from the top of tobacco plants. Great for deworming anything from chickens to horses. The flower is also full of vitamins.
I have heard that it will, but can't say for sure..

I have read another natural wormer made from Carrots, dandelion greens, pumpkin and something else I can't remember. It was in one of the poultry magazines. I'm sorry I know I've posted it here but no one seemed interested.. Anyhow I say the more natural the better.
I often wonder if all the health problems we have , including obesity is due to all the "additives" in our food..

"any scientist who tells you they know that GMO's are safe and not to worry about it, is either ingnorant of the history of science or is deliberately lying. Nobody knows what the long-term effect will be " - Geneticist, David Suzuki
Lots of things will help lessen parasites but really you can't wipe out an established infestation fast enough to avoid health problems by using such things without risking more harm to the birds. I don't think chemical dewormers are any more risky than the people who use herbal extracts repeatedly to get rid of parasites or other health problems. In fact the herbals might have more risk since you don't have a tested and controlled dosing level and schedule. However anything that helps lessen the need for chemical dewormers is good. Just don't sit there giving your animals every natural remedy under the sun while they continue to suffer from a health problem. There's a time when you need to pull out the big guns and wipe something out quickly for their own health.
Another way of getting Garlic into your chickens is to finley chop up some garlic and put it into the water, the eggs may not tast so much of garlic. I dont know yet my chickens arnt at POL yet. Good luck x

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