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So, this past weekend I had my first ill chicken and being new to all of this I posted many different topics and got a few helpful responses all of which asked to hear the outcome. I don't know if it was just a polite response or general curiosity as to whether or not the advise worked but I'd like to know it there is a way to pull up those threads and give an over all response or do I have to find them one at a time and retype the outcome?

FYI, she didn't make it but I really think knowing what I know now she would have been fine. Just a little to little to late.

I know that I when I went on the "www" and tried to find the anatomy of a chicken leg so I could figure out how of feel for a slipped tendon I found nothing and it was much later in the week when I realized that even though I couldn't find a vet in my area who would see a chicken that I could purchase an over the counter antibiotic from a local feed store, that at the very least might help.

I know that most people see their flock as food, income and for me a pet but for anyone who bothers to spend time with others on a forum like this...the bottom line is we all care.

Soooo...all that being there a way to search for information about health problems with your flock without always posting a question? It's not that I don't want to it's only that I don't always get that many responses and in the case of health I would love a resource that specializes in poultry.

Do you think that maybe the reasons I don't get may responses is because I'm so long winded?
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you can search the forum spicifically though the disease section. Theres 2 little searchs one is up in the blue bar that says index.... and theres a search there where you can search spicific areas of the forum. There is also a google custom search in the top right under the blue bar that can do the same thing but maybe not as spicific

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