Giving eggs as christmas gifts? Other "cheep" DIY holiday gifts? Anyone else DIY'ing christmas?


8 Years
Sep 15, 2015
East Texas
I was searching for DIY Christmas gifts as we are quite broke this year, and going to be traveling and need some extra funds for that. I wanted to do something for christmas that would actually be USEFUL, not some little handmade decoration, and there is usually so much food at christmas that cookies or cake gifts are usually wasted. I saw the cutest little decorated egg carton:

and I thought Hmmmmm.... Maybe I could decorate some cartons and give people some fresh eggs for christmas? Perhaps with a little recipe book with some favorite egg recipes?

I thought about offering a few coupons friends and family could "redeem" for free fresh eggs, to refill their carton.

Does anyone else have any DIY gifts they are making this year, things that are actually functional? I thought about making some of these cookie sheet magnet boards too:

Anyone else doing some DIY for christmas and care to share their ideas?
I am, but have no ideas at all. Worrisome at best. I haven't a clue and I have a beautiful, loving wife so I'm hoping to get ideas on this thread….PLEASE.

I really like your egg ideas, but they wouldn't work for my wife-who has started to complain about too many eggs in the fridge.

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