Glass Chicken Waterer Base..Bottom Rim Chip but NOT the water area


8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
Gumboro, Delaware
I have about five of these that have a chip or two on the bottom rim of the base only. This comes from people in the past stacking them in piles or dropping them in boxes. The top part where the Ball Jar goes are really heavy glass so they seldom get damaged but the rim on the very bottom get chipped sometimes. It in no way affects the water holding area. I happen to use 5 that have chipped bottoms because it does not affect the base.

I will ship these for $5 UPSP Priority Mail as I can get one in a small box.

Thanks for looking. email or PM if you have any questions. I am on the 'puter early mornings and late at night. Chickens and Guineas take up the daylight hours.

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