Golden Cuckoo Marans eggs- local pick up or ship


13 Years
Mar 22, 2007
Near Houston, TX
These are quality birds. We are TPIP certified.

For more information about our chickens and our farm visit us at

Your can have up to 18 eggs for one shipping price. Eggs are $45 for 18, $30 for 12 and $20 for 6. If you are sure you want them at this price just need to bid!

Some of the Golden Cuckoo Flock



Eggs are dark our chickens have been laying quite a while now and some may be lighter but you will be happy, we promise!

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Just recieved my eggs from pasofinofarms and they are beautiful and very dark. It was a great transaction.
I should post some pics of my 9 week old chicks from her eggs. They are beautiful.
I just hatched out 4 very cute BCM chicks. My eggs came in great form. They were very dark. I got a dozen eggs from them and I think that my hatch rate would have been far better if I had not had weather problems in my state. We had a very bad cold spell and I asked the post office not to deliver my eggs. I told them I would pick them up. they delivered them any way. It was written on the box to call me and the post office did not call. they just delived them straight from the post office in a storage box in the back of a cold truck with 4 inches of snow on the ground.
My chicks are very active, eating well and are nice sized. I plan on getting more eggs from pasofinofarms this April. Their eggs are shipped very well and the eggs arevery dark. I look forward to my next group of eggs. Thanks guys for such good eggs and such good information. Later, Dave

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