Good greif, perches not tight ropes


9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Southern Illinois
Ok they are young 15 week olds and 11 week olds but they're not small, you'd thought I was asking them to balance on a tight rope!!! I have 3 levels of perches 2x4 wide part flat so they have plenty of room. They flop around and fall off, pile on top of each other then fall off and some of them have to "figure out" how to even jump up on the first perch...DUH. I spend (well too much time) helping them realize they like the perches.
So tonight I just had to leave the coop, I just cant watch them flutter flutter flutter their wings and fall off the darn perches that are 4 inches wide DUH!! they are about 1 1/2 foot apart and somehow they even miss the jump from one perch to the higher one. only about 5 or 6 of the 31! have it down.
Mine are about the same age and do the same thing, it looks like they have to get in the right order and everyone's happy. It's fun to watch, they usually end up the exact opposite of how they started out.

ETA there are 2 perches available to them right now, there will be more with the finishing touches in the coop but they ALL (16) have to be together, piled up in about 8 inches of space.
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