Good Grief! Coccidiosis? CHAPTER 2

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    May 5, 2011
    Good morning...Thanks for all the advice from my post yesterday:

    I just had a few more questions/statements....

    I found the chirpy chick dead this morning. The remaining chick of the 3 new ones is still doing ok. Eating/drinking like crazy & it's poop seems normal.

    I did find out that they came from a brooder @ a feed store, so I am not sure how often they are exposed to things like Coccidiosis?

    I did take some pics of the 2 different coops poops but they look ok to me. I can post if yall have an empty stomach! [​IMG]

    Is there any danger in treating them all (the one remaining and my 3 original) for something that they may or may not have?

    Is it possible that they may have just been in a box in the heat with out water for too long the day he brought them home? He bought them at about 11 am & they got home around 2:00 pm. Temps reached around 90. When I first saw them they were all very lethargic. I picked them up & they were kinda limp & thier feet were drawn up from weakness. I just feel like if they had coccidiosis that the 3rd one would be much worse by now & he would'nt have purchased them looking so sickly.... [​IMG] or I dont think he would have...

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