Goose wants to lay eggs outside!


In the Brooder
6 Years
Dec 26, 2013
My year old emblem female has decided she wants to lay eggs outside. I want to let her but I'm afraid when she gets a clutch and decides she wants to be a mother she might get eaten by something . Is there a way I could protect her when she starts setting? I don't know what to do would love some advice:)
Just take them inside. Hopefully when there are enough eggs she will become broody or even a chicken will set them.
Once she lays a bunch of eggs, just take them all and put them inside in a big mound of shavings. Make a real nice looking nest and fill it up, and she'll sit there instead. Whenever my goose runs out of eggs, she just goes and sits on whatever duck nest she finds.

Once a duck laid eggs in a bad spot. Eventually we took the eggs and moved them half-way through incubation. Mama duck followed and sat on them right away, no problems. It was strange- you could feel the baby ducks moving around in the shells...

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