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Free Ranging
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Jan 6, 2018
Delaware, USA
I have 4 Roosters and I am only set up for 3 max, so my gorgeous but grumpy, red Ameraucana needs a harem of hens to protect, and he does it well. I am in Delaware and hope to find him a great home. He herds his harem well, getting them into the coop when it is time for bed or the fox is eyeing them. I do carry a small broom, and use a sweeping motion, when I want to get him to herd the hens in, and he has challenged my broom, as most roos would. He does not want to be handled, but will tolerate it if you wait til dusk to check him over, which I do all my chickens as it's important to me they remain clean and free of any lice. He has a wonderful deeper, mellow crow, I named him Red Baron the Baritone. Well, I hope to find him a good home, he is proud and takes his job seriously, he is only 1 year old. I can be emailed at [email protected]

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