Gosling sibling suddenly attacking the other...


May 28, 2020
I'll try to explain as much as I can, so be patient.
But I have now 1 week and 2 days old goslings, 2 are the same breed, one is a different one, but they all came shipped together and have been siblings, pretty much, ever since. However one of my yellow geese, (I can't remember names, I'll ask my mom in the morning and edit this when I do find out) is attacking my grey gosling out of the blue. And I mean, grabbing neck so it's squealing in pain. I run to stop it but now I'm nervous to leave for work, let alone jus outside for a bit in the yard. She's really going after her. As I typed that sentence, I had to stop for a second to get her off her yet again. I don't know why she's all of a sudden doing this. Is it cause there's jus one of her breed? A dominance thing maybe? I do actually flip her on her back to calm her down. Which works for a bit but it probably isn't the right thing to do. I've never had to do this before. I had one goose before when I lived in the city, racoons unfortunately got her when we moved to the country. Mom and I were finally feeling good bout having geese again, but we wanted to get more than one this time. I will say the victim gosling is super down to earth, sleeps in my hand, jus goes and eats and plays in the water. She's a good lil gosling. The attacker gosling doesn't seem to go after the other one at all. Jus my girl (her name is Mater, btw) everyone still cuddles and I think she's unphazed, up untill she's attacked of course. I have no idea what to do...I don't wanna cull em, their babies, but I don't also want to give em up either....


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Are you getting them outside for some foraging time? Goslings get bored easily they need something to do. And in their brooder you could put up a separation panel using a piece of fencing I used a piece of hardware cloth and wrapped the edges in gorilla tape so no one got poked that way you can keep the bully separated and hopefully with time outside this behavior will settle down. Just make the divider with something they can still see each other. Hopefully fun time out when sunny and warm will stop this behavior. Looks like you have 2 white Chinese and one brown Chinese. Very precious ones too:welcome
This has happened with my goslings too. They are both very sweet and before had always slept with their necks entwined and wouldn't let the other out of their sight. When one gosling bit the other I grabbed his head and said 'no' and he never did it again.
miss Lydia is right my 4 three week olds one started pulling out the feathers left them bloody . they were bored I would come home there food and water would be empty. so now they are out side during the day and it has stopped. good luck.

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