Got My FIRST eggs today!!

Sorry, had to comment, it is simply the most amazing day of your life to go out and find the first eggs of your loved chickens' life!

Thanks for sharing. I've had chickens for many years and grew up with them, but nothing ever stops the ecstatic feeling of finding that first "little" egg or the day your go out and instead of 15 eggs, there is 20 or 25 and you KNOW your newer girls are growing up!

Its just so exciting to go out and find a little suprise! I never thought they was going to lay. I was like OMG COME ONNNN!! lol I cant wait to be able to incubate some!
I have production Reds and Barred barred rocks lay the lighter colored eggs and the PRs lay the dark brown eggs...but that is my flock, they all might be different.

Congrats on your first egg, it is SO will have many more 1sts, biggest, smallest, strangest, etc etc. Many more joyous moments to come!!!

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