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I have the opportunity to by a 3 yr old (used about 20 x) GQF cabinet syle incubator that holds about 250 eggs for $200. Is it worth that? Anybody have any experiences good or bad with this kind of incubator?? Please advise so I know whether or not to buy.

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Good Deal!! I love mine, I bought my first used for $200, and my second used for $150. I love mine! No matter what you want to hatch you have the space! I have done quail all the way up to emu!
NO!!!! That is a TERRIBLE deal...................uh..................where did you say this was??? And what is the phone number?????
Have to agree it's a good deal. We have 3 GQF incubators and 1 hatcher and have very good hatches with them.
I figured somebody was going to respond like this...very funny!

So, it is a good deal? Good.

Can they hatch in there, or do I need a separate hatcher???????? You know, because in my table top incubators, I just take out the turner and it serves as my hatcher...
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