Grass Seed Vaccuum Cleaners = My Feathered Friends


13 Years
Jan 17, 2007
New Jersey
My next door neighbor - who very much likes my roo and hen, thank goodness - reports that roo and hen are wolfing down at the speed of light the grass seed he is putting down, . I didn't see that one coming!
1) I feel bad for the guy as he'd like to grow grass in large bare spots and
2) I hope the grass seed is okay for my feathered friends. I imagine it's okay.
These 2 also stand beneath this guy's bird feeders and inhale everything knocked down by the birds above. Not much I can do about it except lock them up. They are locked up for part of the day and then I try to give them some free range time, which they beg for and truly relish (and you should hear this hen beg - there is no denying her!) .
They literally follow this neighbor around as he rakes, and gobble up the bugs he stirs up, so now he has an entourage. I offered to take them home anytime he wants but he said he likes their company (thank goodness!).He has resorted to putting temporary fencing around one grass-seeded area.
Thankfully (in a way) I recently gave permission to these folks to take down 3 of my trees as they were worried that the trees might someday in a storm fall on their house. Heartbreaking to lose the beautiful trees but I understood their worry. I've volunteered to plant some shrubbery in their place. . . So I'm hoping we're "even". I lost 3 grand trees and he's losing some (tho perhaps tons before its all over) grass seed!
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As long as the seeds aren't coated in the 50 billion types of junk you can buy seeds pre treated in, they should be no problem. Good to hear of good neighbors too! They do exist!

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