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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by blueberrychickens, May 17, 2010.

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    My DH is ocd about his lawn. Not a weed in sight & fertilized regularly. So here is my question. I ordered my chix, due to arrive in June. We have a spot in the yard where the coop & run will go. We plan to let the girls roam the yard when we are home. Will it be a bad idea to let the roam the yard after he puts down weedkiller/fertilizer???? I wouldn't want them to eat whatever he puts down in the lawn, & would only let them out after the weedkiller/fertilizer has been washed into the grass. Has anyone had an issue w/ this?? ( I can tell he's having 2nd thoughts about this whole thing, but too bad!)[​IMG]
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    the bag should have directions on it for how long to wait before letting children or pets back on the grass....of course....if its shouldnt matter...
    i am sure someone else will give you better ideas

    ETA: we go organic...but i still wait a day before letting them free range so it can all settle
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    DH & I have an agreement that the front yard is 'his' and can be poisoned and perfected to his heart's content.
    The backyard belongs to me & the critters, and is to stay organic.

    I would NOT let your chickens eat from a treated yard for some time, in fact I'd even be leary of organic treatments. Organic does not = non-poisonous if ingested.

    On the flip-side, the area where the chickens range will be aerated and fertilized on a regular basis!!
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    Can you tell us what he uses on the lawn? That would help a lot. Fertilizer is not such a problem, as that can wash into the soil and the chickens can go out on it later. For things like insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, that's another story entirely. Those are bad news. Residue on and in a food crop is not a good thing. Now, the corn product that works as a pre-emergent for annual weeds is not a big deal. If he uses that, you won't need to worry.

    If it turns out that he uses a real witches brew on your lawn, you can always make a little grassy grazing and garden area attached to your run for the chickens.
  5. Quote:If hubby is OCD about his lawn I suggest you not let them free range/roam them little buggers and kill a lawn faster then I have ever seen And I got the dirt patch to prove it but other then that I would with what the bag says think of them as dogs and cats if it says that it is not good for them then it is not good for the chickens.

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