Green Poo.. Lethargic Chicken..


Jul 6, 2019
Sorry for the gross poop picture, but im at a loss and dont know what to treat my sweet Poppy for.. shes been lethargic for the past two days, ive noticed bright/dark green liquid poop.. i assumed it had more liquid than usual because its hot here and shes consuming more water, but i dont think ive really seen her eat. My boyfriend felt her crop this morning and said theres a bit of food. she was last to come down, even my roo stayed with her until she came out of the coop! Now shes just kinda lazily following them. I gave her a bit of ivermectin on her back yesterday.. ive checked for mites/lice- nothing. Ive also listened to her breathing to see if her lungs sounded bad , but they seem clear..

Any advice welcomed, i dont want to lose my baby girl. Shes 21 weeks and hasnt even started laying yet :(

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Feel the crop. If it's hard and lumpy, she's got an impacted crop. If she's drinking lots of water, if you are actually seeing her at the waterer more often than the others, that's further confirmation of a blocked crop issue.

You will need to introduce some oil into her crop and massage. But you need to be able to tell the difference between an impacted crop and a sour crop before you massage. Try to get through this short article and see what you think.

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