grit and treats or not?


6 Years
Nov 20, 2013
Durango, Colorado
It appears there is disagreement on what kinds of treats and grit chicks can have at a young age. I've seen posts that say nothing but starter for several months, and that large chunks of food can block them up. I have given my 2-week old chicks whole dandilions and some fresh young alfalfa leaves for the last couple of days- about 2 small dandilions a day for 25 chicks - along with some small sand from the yard, because they are bored and it gives them something else to do. I also sprinkle just a little small sand into their feed each day. I know that some flocksters argue that this is okay and even good for the chicks immune system as a broody hen would have them out and about from the start, but I did notice for the first time some watery poop yesterday. I like the "natural' approach, but now I'm worried I could kill my chicks with the greens I'm giving them. I could give them softer fruits, I suppose, but the greens are something they can toss and play with, too. I looking for more info on how to decide whether to kill them with boredom or greens
Personally, we fed our babies treats all the time. We fed them worms (it was hilarious to watch them play keep away with it) we would feed them yogurt, just small amounts of non sweetened plain flavored yogurt. We would feed them greens anything. The most important thing is to make sure that they have grit in order to digest the food. Also, if you are just picking stuff from your yard, go ahead and rinse it off in the sink (rinse everything off before giving it to them) just to make sure there isn't anything on it. The runny poop is normal just from changing their diet, it's stuff they aren't used to and their bodies are breaking it up differently. I wouldn't be worried about it. Continue doing what you're doing.

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