7 Years
Apr 29, 2012
Montgomery County, Ohio
If you buy grit for your ducks, what do you buy?

I have 4 ducklings that are 1 week and 5 days old. I've been trying to get them to eat grit for the past few days now.
They won't eat it if I put it in a seperate bowl. If I put it in with their gran, they try and pick around it.
I have now resorted to layering it.

I'm wondering if they won't eat it because it's big chunks. It looks like cat litter.
What can I use that they would actually eat? Could I go out and buy sand, or would that not work?
I bought the grit that you feed to birds and my Rouens like it. It's over by the smaller birds supplies it does look just like sand to me. Its says it is gravel, calcium carbonate, sorbolite clay. They also have it without the calcium carbonate in it. I actually got this box by mistake I'm not sure if ducks have a need for calcium or not. It says to sprinkle on the bottom of cage after each cleaning, but I put mine in a dish and they eat it like that. I use to mix it in with their food, but they now eat the same food as my older duck who free ranges so she doesn't really need it.

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