Grow as they grow chicken coop/brooder!


5 Years
Jan 6, 2015
This coop is 4x4 with an access door to the back which slides and an outside access door to the community nesting box. It is wired to plug in to an extension chord and be able to draw power from anywhere! It has a light switch, and double plug in sources for heated water tank or a heat lamp for brooding. There is also a light bulb socket which holds any normal size light bulb. The inside wall of the nesting box also slides to close the area more when brooding little babies. The roof is made of steel and the plywood floor is green treat for durability. Think of the possibilities with this coop! It will go from brooder, to pullet to layer without changing a thing! If you already have an established permanent coop, think what this could add! Brooder box, infirmary, "rooster cave", "delicate breed" winter home, etc!! This coop is built so that it can be broken down and shipped with detailed directions on how to set it back up again. Any questions, please get a hold of us!
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