7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
Central Pennsylvania
My PBR seems to have a growth near her eye. Its not open or seeping, just a round lump. Was wondering if it"s something I should be concerned about? The other side of her face does not look that way, nor does her "sister". Thank you in advance!

^ right up there.....
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Went out while they were on the roost and did see a few blackish spots here and there on a few of the hens. there weren't too many, and they weren't that big. Not sure if you can see them in the pics or not.

^tiny one on comb ^ One on the waddle

^ brownish spot on the comb

^ Mark on comb that didn't seem to be there in last night's pic

Looks like I better get reading on pox ):
Does look like pox. Glad to read it isn't generally fatal. But, hate to see them with anything wrong. Might head to the feed store to get something and try the ACV. I will also give the coop a good cleaning, along with bleaching the feed and water dish. (I usually do it once every 2 weeks, and wipe it out often in between.)

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