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    Apr 30, 2018
    So tomorrow is day 21. Nt sure if any eggs have babies but momma has been sitting on them for 3 soldid weeks.if they hatch should i remove them from the rest if the flock. I have 9 very friendly chickens
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    Sep 26, 2013
    madison Indiana
    Hi Pam, Most people do give them their own space. I cant really say why. I pull chicks when they hatch and raise them myself. Thats the hard way but I enjoy it.
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    Jul 3, 2018
    Excited to see how the hatch turns out! I have a broody now that i am considering letting incubate a small clutch.

    Keep upmposted on hownit goes as well as whether you pull them or leave them.
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    If you want to leave them all together, I'd put Mama and brood in a see-no-touch cage for the first few weeks. That allows them some time to get some coordination and strength before mingling with the flock. It also keeps them within sight and sound of the other hens, so that by the time they are loos in the coop and run, they're no longer a novelty.
    When you do turn them out with the flock, make sure they have lots of hiding places where the bigger chickens can't reach them. I usually cut some chick-sized holes in each side of a milk crate. That way they have in and out access to avoid overly-interested aunties. 12-18 inch pieces of PVC pipe or cardboard tubes (you can make your own) work too. Avoid hide=outs where babies can be trapped - like sideways flower pots. I learned that one the hard way, and we had three weeks of Blu-Koted babies!
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