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All of my chickens were handled a lot when they were hatched or very small. I do not handle them too much now except for check ups and petting them ocasionally. My big mix Rooster has a bit of an additude, his Bantom nearly identical brother is very cool and friendly. I picked up the big roo (about 8 lbs) yesterday.... He was very excitable and jumpy at first, he then sat quietly on my lap (let me check him for bugs) waiting for me to let loose so he could get back to the hens. This is my first adult chicken flock experience. Are big Roos usually this easy to handle ?


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Not always but it depends on the particular roo and also how they are handled.

Some believe that a roo handled too much when they are young, makes a bad tempered roo later...other believe the opposite.

My personal opinion and experience is that a roo, in general, becomes mature and takes on a different attitude...not necessarily mean but less wanting of being picked up and so forth.

Handling them, is something that is taught to them as a thing that is okay. They trust you and are used to you...they do not fear you. His allowing you to handle him in that way is a mere sign of his trust in you.

Job well done!


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My current roo has never liked to be handled, even as a chick. He will avoid being picked up, if possible.
Yet, I pick him up once a week for health checks. When I do he stays perfectly still in my arms and I can do whatever I need to - doctor, trim nails, etc.

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