Hang a baby chick by its legs to sex?


Sep 4, 2019
I read it on the facebook page that you can tell the gender of a chick if you hold it upside down for a few seconds. If it just hangs there with little to no fight, it's a Male, if it freaks the hell out the whole time, it's a female. This seems mean to me. Is there any truth to it?
just cause it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true, I am sure there are some experts here that know how to vent sex a young chick, but I can guarantee you that is not one of them. I just patiently wait until I can tell when they are older.

**observing them and interacting with them will give you more clues to as they grow
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What has worked for me with somewhat of an accuracy is looking at their wings. The straight feathers are males and the ones that some are long and some short tend to be females. But not sure if this works on all breeds. But it worked on my Olive Eggers and on my White Leghorns. I thought it wasn’t true when 3 out of 10 was showing roosters and thought that was odd, but sure enough I had 3 roosters in that batch.

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