Hard boiled eggs, the final word

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    Mar 11, 2008
    Long ago on this forum I searched everyone's advice on how to hardboil (and actually peel!) fresh farm eggs. At the time none of these worked--poking little holes in shells, adding salt to the water, a few other suggestions I've forgotten. Recently I've found a way that I can hard boil my chicken's eggs, works every time (apparently), and it's none too subtle:

    The issue is the membrane as people have pointed out--in a fresh egg, it just doesn't like to separate, and when you try to peel an egg, the whole things comes apart. My recipe is the same one I've always used for eggs: immerse in cold water + 1 extra inch, put on medium high heat, when they boil, take them off heat and let them sit. After 15 min, get them bathed in cold water, keep it cold, and when the eggs are nice and cool, peel them.

    The trick: the people suggesting poking a precise little hole in the shell had it right. But don't worry about little holes. When I was making cookies, I realized when I try to crack an egg on purspose, it is actually hard to do because the membrane is so strong. So the next time I hard boiled, I just gave them a good crack. Each egg I whacked on the counter, denting in the side and causing a bunch of cracks. Put these somewhat gently in the pan, fill with cold water as per normal, and boil.

    The membrane is intact under there, no water is going to get in and make mush of your eggs. And during boiling, the egg expands and will pop your dent back out. When they are hot, you'll see the cracks in the egg, once you've cooled them, the cracks close, and you've got hard boiled eggs.

    Now, I haven't tried leaving them in the fridge in this state, I cool and peel them right away. I boil a bunch of eggs when the devilled egg urge gets too strong too ignore, and then they rapidly disappear.

    I'd be curious if this method works for others, might be nice to put the hard boiling debate to rest once and for all...
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    If you just hadn't said "the final word" I wouldn't be posting. Crack yours if that works for you great. At my house the final word was spoken the day I started by putting them into boiling water not cold. Cover, when they resume boiling turn to lowest heat setting or off and set timer for 12 to 15 min depending on size of eggs. Drain, rinse in cold water, let set a few minutes in ice water then peel or store unpeeled. I have a 95+% success rate including eggs fresh from the nest. At least we found something that works for us because egg salad when you really want deviled eggs is a pain.

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