I've seen them all, have all the dvd's and am about to watch them all again. I also watch them when they come up on tv.

When Michael Gambon admitted that he didn't always understand what was going on I felt that I was in good company!
I love the books, which makes me love the movies. I wish we could have that as a real world. Sounds rocking fun too me. I want to live in the Weasleys house. LOL It looks like an eccentric chicken owners place if i ever saw one.

I cried and was stunned when Dubledore died in the half blood prince.

I was stunned about snape, seriously. Didin't see that coming.

I cried for Dommie.

I felt bad for all that died, I mean, if you've read about them, you really feel like you know them. Ya'll know what I mean. I'm 40 and I love Harry Potter. Enough said.

(And I really really want magic to clean my house, please please please)

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