Has anyone used one of those shed kits?

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  1. I found some shed kits on eBay that are relatively inexpensive...but I was curious to see if anyone has used them for coops? I was thinking of getting two kits & making another coop to use as a brooder & maybe for another breed (or two). [​IMG]
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    Apr 20, 2010
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    We did not use a shed kit, but chose to build by scratch. Now, every time we pass the kit sheds at the hardware store, my husband kicks himself a few times. It sure would have saved time and money. On the upside, I do get to look at this little monument to how much my husband loves me.
  3. Interesting...I've found some on eBay and a few other sites for less than $100 each...I'm just looking for something to make uniform/cute/easy to build coops....especially since my hubby said no more help from him...so I know what will happen...I'll buy the shed kits and start trying to do them myself...then, he'll feel sorry for me/want to make them "perfect" and do them for me! (insert evil laugh here!) LOL
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    May 5, 2010
    what are you searching under on ebay? I'm not finding anything even remotely that cheap, except for stuff for model railroads....
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    are these the arrow metal sheds like at home depo ? we have one that I use for tack storage. I got the 8x10 with sliding door. the door is hard to open and close, If you are using it for birds forget about it the shavings clog the track constantly. they get extremely hot in the summer. go on craigslist in our areas you can often find decent wooden sheds.
  6. Quote:No, we have a metal shed for our garden stuff and we HATE it! I'd never use one for a coop...our "local" Craigslist" is about a 6 hour drive because we don't have one in our area, yet...
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    Check tractor supply or Northern Hardware. I know Northern used to have them. But they were about the same price. I used one to build a greenhouse a few years back. Was pretty easy
  8. Oh good...I was thinking about two of the kits & putting them together to make one bantam breeding pen...I am hoping I could do it for under $1,000 with insulation....
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    If you want a quick trip to the funny farm...you will pass on the metal building kits. They are an absolute nightmare!!! We bought 2 thinking...yeah, how hard could it be...right...well they were extra large erector sets...hundreds of pieces, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, panels, beam pieces...all boxed up with a book size directional manual. Unless you are an engineer and have a firm of workers and an unlimited supply of beer...I wouldn't touch one again even for free...unless it came fully assembled and put in place. IMO...OMG!!! Nightmare revistited!!!

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