has the Costs of feed went where you live


11 Years
Jan 31, 2008
East KY
here it has went up big time i was paying 10.10 per 100 lb for corn now its 13.00 laying mash was 14.20 per 100 lb now its 19.20. and the guy at the feed store says corn will go up to 18.00 per 100 lb.has it went up where you live ...... ok i this my rant
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Per 100#? I pay $9.50 per 50# and that is after it went down and I found a new place to buy it. That's layer pellets and that is the very cheapest I've ever found it. The county co-op charges $11.25 for laying pellets. Are you talking two 50# bags?

I buy either Faithway feeds or Tucker Milling at ACE Hardware now, both in Blue Ridge, GA and in Murphy, NC, but they are now pushing Nutrena, which I refuse to buy, period (I have a thing against Cargill, owner of Nutrena). They are currently beating the co-op prices.
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I'm paying $12.45 for a 50# bag of lay crumble. That's the going rate here. Anyone in San Diego find a better deal?

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I buy up here in Julian. I fed unmedicated starter and it was the only place for me to find it. "Kahoots" in Ramona sells the lay pellets for about the same price. They sell starter mash too but it's medicated.

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