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Mar 7, 2011
Hi there, well this is my first ever post:D! I was thinking of getting some chicks off Mcmurray hatchery. I dont know what breeds to get so I was wondering if anybody could post pics of fully grown birds they purchased from Mcmurray, any breed. Id like to see the quality of the birds. If there are any that are good quality I will get that breed. Thanks:)
If you are looking for quality, you may want to check and see if there are any breeders locally. You can try looking in the breeders or Where am I where are you threads. Good luck and Welcome to BYC.....
I live in Ireland, I breed orpingtons large and bantam and I have champion lines that have won many shows. I was thinking of getting something like white faced spanish, that we dont have in ireland. or different colours of cochin that we dont have.
I've gotten chicks from McMurray several times since 2004, I've found that, if you get ten of a certain breed, you'll get one really nice one, a couple that don't look very nice and you don't really want them, and a bunch of what I call "regular" chickens. I'm gravitating towards buying from small breeders that are dedicated to the SOP instead of a hatchery. I've always enjoyed my chickens from McMurray though, and I hope I don't appear to be talking you out of ordering.

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