Hatching Cold weather eggs

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    Hey all, so I know hatching refrigerated eggs is not recommended but possible. I've hatched out quail eggs that have been refrigerated past 2 weeks with 80%+ hatch rate. I plan to hatch ~40 chicken eggs and I'd like to set them this weekend. I originally wanted to set them at the beginning of the month buts its been so cold out I kept putting it off. The eggs I have, I collected this week and some even last week. I'm not as worried about the fact that the eggs were refrigerated for a week as I am about the fact that its been so cold out lately. It was 10 degrees today and the past couple days have been almost as cold. I try to collect eggs twice a day but I'm not sure if it has been too cold out for the eggs to remain viable. I know the eggs are fertile but will they have remained viable if they were outside for a few hours? Thoughts? I would just like to hear some opinions.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Those short periods of chill due to the weather are not likely to have a significant impact.

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