Hatching WebCams

Oh man, I will be up all night watching now
You are definitely cool.

I will continue to check in. I guess all the action will be done by morning.
I am not a night owl... or an early bird for that matter. I'm an...umm...well, I guess I'm just an old bird!
Don't look now, but those puppies are NOT there! off doing puppy stuff, i guess.

oh wait! there they are! WAY in the back, in a pile. Like puppies do. especially at night....
now I feel like a voyeur.
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I actually have 4 cameras but the other is not hooked up at the moment.

Here is the cameras an where I got them. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.15974
customer image is one I took of my dogs in front of the heater.
Each camera cost $59.80 an I had to buy long Ethernet cables that were $5 each.
They have been going almost a year with no problems.

The brooder cam has diapered in dust more than once an the one in the incubator has shown no sign of being harmed by the humidity.

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