He is a roo right?

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Jul 14, 2014
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Here is my little Ameraucana. Normally we have other Ameraucanas to compare each other to, but this time, only one hatched. We suspected roo from the beginning, but he has such a small comb for his age compared to what we are used to. We just want to make sure he is a roo. Whether we trade him or sell him, we havent exactly decided yet.

yes, he is a purebred lavendar Ameraucana. Slate legs, pea comb and all. Not exactly sure how old, but I would say about 3 or 4 months. We have so many little guys hatch, I cant remember.
I am nearly positive he is a "he" because he has a puffy tail.
My only question is that he is a rooster for sure.


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Well then.... guess we will have to wait til november to sell him...

I was starting to think pullet too, but some of his features made me think back to roo. I will take a closer look at his saddles sometime soon and see what they look like.

I also noticed how when you pick him up, he will close his eyes if you cuddle. Something I have discovered more in the personality of a male. But other than that, he is physcho.
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Okay. I guess the battle is won! I will keep her maybe... the thing is that his mom could possibly be his sister, but I doubt it since the one I think is his mom was thw only one laying.

Sorry, this sounds even more confusing.

here to make it clear

2 original hens 》》
All of this equals == 3 pretty hens
1 oroginal rooster 》》

and since they are all together... his dad could be breeding them all. But I go for original hen being his mommy because she has no defects.

Anyhows, I will keep this thread open til I am sure.
Intead of making a new thread, i decided to use this. So I have a new roo in question.

I also thought this was a roo until recently. But I examoned "his" saddle feathers and they are all rounded.
here are some pictures of 'him'. The reason I question is because of the comb. His father was a white silkie, his mother was a lavendar ameraucana. He came from a green egg.

This was his father

His most probable mother, Stormy.






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